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Record of Success

Under Chairman Currie and Vice-Chair Schaffer’s leadership, the New Jersey Democratic State Committee is stronger, more diverse and more effective than at any time in its history.  

  • By working alongside Democratic leaders and grassroots advocates, Chairman Currie worked tirelessly to bring a Blue Wave to New Jersey in 2018 and helped elect the most Democratic Congressional Delegation in decades. Our state is now represented by 11 Democrats in the House of Representatives out of 12 districts. 

  • Chairman Currie has made it a priority to provide training and financial support to Democratic campaigns up and down the ballot to ensure that Democrats have the resources to compete in all 21 counties. 

  • Under Chairman Currie’s leadership, the NJDSC has added registered nearly 100,000 new voters and added thousands of new email addresses and cell phone numbers to the NJDSC database in efforts to stay connected with New Jersey residents and recruit volunteers across the state. 

  • This year’s NJDSC Conference was attended by more than 2,500 people, a record amount that expands on the landmark 2018 Conference. This conference was headlined by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and was attended by Democratic elected officials and grassroots activists from throughout the state. 

  • Chairman Currie has played a key organizing role in electing Senator Cory Booker in 2014, Governor Phil Murphy in 2017, Senator Bob Menendez in 2018 and expanding legislative majorities in both the State Senate and Assembly.



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